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At PT Berkah Adi Mulia, we take immense pride in offering premium commodities sourced from the heartland of Indonesia. With a strong commitment to quality, sustainability, and reliability, we've become a trusted name in the export industry

AHU Export Certificate:
AHU-053887.AH.01.30. Tahun 2023

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Why Choose Berkah Adi Mulia

  • AHU Certified: Our AHU Export Certificate speaks volumes about our commitment to quality and adherence to global standards. It's your guarantee of excellence, recognized worldwide.
  • Global Expertise: We're seasoned exporters with a deep understanding of international markets.
  • Quality Assurance: Count on top-tier quality control for every shipment.
  • Sustainability Focus: We're committed to eco-friendly and ethical practices.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Your needs drive our tailored solutions.
  • Competitive Rates: Get cost-effective exporting without sacrificing quality.
  • Transparency: Stay informed at every step of the export process.
  • Proven Success: We have a track record of global export excellence.
  • Industry Specialists: Our team understands the intricacies of international trade.
  • Reliable Partners: We're a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.
  • Continuous Improvement: We're always innovating to better serve you.

Deliver great service experiences fast - without the complexity of traditional business solutions.

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Our Comodities

Here at Berkah Adi Mulia we focus on markets where technology, innovation, and capital can unlock long-term value and drive economic growth.

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Banana Leaves

We offer a wide range of fresh and vibrant banana leaves, carefully sourced and packaged to meet the highest quality standards.

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Freshwater Lobsters

Our Commitment to Quality, Hygiene, and Freshness. Choose from Live or Frozen Lobsters for Local and International Markets.

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Ocean Lobsters

Sourced from Local Fishermen in Pacitan & Cilacap. Available Freshly Live or Frozen. Serving Local and International Markets.

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Red Shallot

Sourced from Brebes Agriculture, the Leading Red Shallot Producer in Indonesia. Serving Local and International Markets. Ready to export worldwide.

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"I can confidently say that Berkah Adi Mulia truly embodies trustworthiness and delivers exceptional quality."

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